Driven by Excellence.

Phoenix Business Consulting

  • Transparency of value delivery through consistent business case reflection
  • Tighter adoption of leading practices within the client’s operational value chain
  • Trusted Advisor relationship founded on a strong, cohesive working bond.

Mission and Vision

Driven by the desire to rise above expectation.

Phoenix Team

Our greatest asset is our people

Why Phoenix

The ultimate goal is to empower our clients.

Driven by Excellence

Phoenix Business Consulting

Phoenix Business Consulting is an SAP Gold Partner consulting firm providing implementation, training, production support, and audit review services for the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform. Through the measured application of our expertise, industry Leading Practices, and the SAP ERP software platform, we help organizations transform their business processes and legacy infrastructure into a modern, fully integrated solution that enables them to better serve their customers, constituents, employees and shareholders.

Powered by Trust

The Phoenix Team

Our greatest asset is our people – experienced, client-focused, and results-oriented. Our consultants are experienced professionals and true experts in their fields. The Phoenix Team is passionate about the way SAP systems are implemented and our continued success can be attributed to their dedication to our client attentiveness. For every client engagement, we bring highly specialized consultants that have been carefully selected to fit the client’s unique functional, technical and business environment. Each member of the Phoenix Team is a subject matter expert with a deep background in their respective area, providing our clients with an informed perspective and valuable insights on how to best address the challenge at hand.

Our value proposition is anchored on always providing resources that have the knowledge and expertise so that clients will thrive in their industries – enabling new standards of performance and maximizing value. Rather than simply having a Vendor-Client relationship, our philosophy and goal are to become “Trusted Advisors” to our clients.  We earn our clients’ trust by always giving advice and guidance based on what is in our clients’ best interests, regardless of the bottom line.

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Why Phoenix

Our success stems from our holistic approach to client engagements and our dedicated focus on applying Best and Leading Practices.  These factors, combined with our extensive industry experience, have led to the development of what we call the Phoenix Consulting Advantage.  Our unique methodology is based on industry best practices, but has been expanded and improved upon to include the latest developments in business process reengineering, technology, and SAP ERP functionality.

The ultimate goal of our approach is to empower our clients.  Our corporate culture, heavily focused on training and knowledge transfer, is distinctive in the industry.  Regardless if we are deploying a new system or supporting an existing one, we ensure that our customers get the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to effectively manage their systems.  By enabling self-sufficiency, our approach leads to significant cost savings over the lifecycle of their system.

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