Comprehensive Spend Management and
Supplier Management Solutions

In today’s procurement and supply chain environment, the sheer volume of product transactions, wide logistical networks, changing contract structures, and industry regulations make procurement and financial supply chain management one of the most complex segments for cost management. Forward-thinking businesses have been increasingly realizing the wide scope for cost containment in logistics and the far-reaching benefits of effective supplier relationship management in overcoming business challenges such as:

  • Ineffective working capital management
  • High open, internal costs and last-minute spends
  • Frequent budget overruns
  • Uncontrolled procurement and accounts payable costs
  • Substantial savings leakage
  • Wide gap between buyer and supplier and lack of trust and reliability
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  • Proven global implementer of intelligent enterprise solutions
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  • Seamless functioning through holistic integration with SAP ERP and other software suites
  • Digitally transformed procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles supplier/buyer user experience
  • End-to-end streamlining and transparency in sourcing and cash control
  • Cloud hosting provides device-independent and remote-access capabilities
  • Processing costs and budget overruns reduced by large margins
  • Strengthened compliance and increased standardization
  • Objectively identify new and ethically healthy ways to maximize savings and re-invest
Core functionalities:

Next-generation capabilities:

  • Intelligent spend management, advanced analytics, optimization, and simulation capabilities to monitor and contain costs
  • Custom forms and “touchless” functionality to streamline invoicing processes
  • End-to-end automation that strengthens operations, reduces errors and improves transactional TATs

Security and risk management:

  • Three-tiered supplier vetting process and network-generated insights to mitigate risks
  • Risk exposure monitoring and risk assessment
  • Advanced built-in security and configurable access control
  • Engagement-level inherent, residual risk calculations and mitigation

Comprehensive supplier management:

  • Leverage the world’s largest business network connecting 3.8 million companies across 190 countries
  • 360-degree supplier view
  • Single-window supplier registration and sign-on
  • Advanced matrix-level configurability in reporting, supplier segmentation, development, and life cycle and performance management

SAP Ariba – Digital procurement, supply chain, and business networking solutions for the modern enterprise.

SAP Ariba provides comprehensive solutions to automate and simplify procurement, fulfilment and financial supply chain management. As the industry leader in spend management, Ariba provides a smartsimplified, and complete approach to the source-to-settle cycle. With an integrated platform/software, Ariba is the global leading presence in procurement, invoicing and supplier/buyer networking domains.


  • A modular approach that can be tailored to your specific business model
  • Complete integration with third-party systems, including SAP ERP, with 2-way sync
  • Extensive SAP Ariba resources and on-demand expert advice to strategize your digital transformation
  • Ready-made toolkits for easy master and transactional data migration and integration